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An avid & a passionate Human Resource professional with fine knowledge of principles related to Management Consulting & Human Resource Management .

Member of UK BODY OF HR Professionals -CIPD (Associate CIPD).

With Master’s in Business Administration she possesses 9 plus years of post-qualification experience that encompasses diverse industries ranging from environment consultancy, to Construction and Retail in one of the diverse & growing economies of the world i.e. Indian sub-continent. She vehemently understands the global market of Business.

Over the years of experience she understands that co-creating a healthy work environment in the joint effort by organization and it’s employees in which employees & employer flourish & support each other’s development journey is highly important for success of business & employee development.

Goal focused and strong believer in the concept of approaching complexed problems with simple approach which in turn can lead to quantifiable-practical solutions that can be effectively and efficiently implemented. Possesses strong leadership skills for driving the projects and motivating the team members for delivering the task within defined timelines.  Read More...

Ankita Chaturvedi
Ankita Chaturvedi Founder
Founder’s Message

Inspired by the vision to create an equilibrium of co-existence for employers & employees Iris Management Consultant is established. The fundamental principle followed while extending solutions to the client is Acknowledging the importance of Revenue for organization & well-being of employees while they chase the Revenue for organization. Believe that it is important for the organization and employees to adjust their attitude and approach to be able to accommodate to the ever-changing world of competition.

Our Certifications
Our Certifications

About Iris Management Consultant

Established with the intent of Creating Balanced Equilibrium of co-existence for employers and employees wherein Iris Management Consultant focuses on Aligning the Business - People Practice and Operations of an organization for gaining higher efficiency and productivity towards achievement of Vision and Mission.

Iris Management Consultant serves as a trusted partner in establishing Business oriented & People friendly strategies, mechanisms and processes that deliver the outcomes for achieving the vision and mission of the organization.  

Core Principle & Strength - Aligning Business Practices

The Core of Iris Management Consultant and its Strength is aligning the Business practices with the Revenue and Profitability targets along with Performance Management and Capability Building accompanied with Change Management and Change initiatives that can Read More...

Our Services

Iris Management Consultant extends consulting & operations support to the Business in following three formats:

  1. Online i.e. Online Management Consulting
  2. Face to face interactions-Client meetings- Visits to the Business Operations sites (if needed)
  3. Combination of Both Online Management Consulting & Face to face interactions-Client meetings (depending upon the business & project needs)